Althorp House

Althorp House

The Spencer Estate. The final resting place for Princess Diana. The very first place I asked my dear friends to take to me when I was planning my trip.

After a 1.5 hours drive from central London to Northampton; we went from noisy busy world to quiet sunny luscious greens. You know you are very deep inside the countryside when you can hear the popping sounds of pebbles road under the wheels. We rolled down our windows and enjoy the fresh air brushing our faces and we can slowly see a short break wall approaching. This is the surrounding wall of the estate. I was unimpressed about how crude the wall looks, they became “a wall that still stand strong” after I learned that this estate was built in 1688.

We parked the car across the street in an open green field with no end in sight, I thought must be some epic hunting parties they had back then. Through a black gate entrance we entered the ticket booth, in front of us was a wide open path with tall old oak trees along both sides, you cannot imagine this grant view behind that tiny short break wall. About 10 mins walk, a mansion like stables had been modified into an exhibition, it houses ancestors’ and Diana’s belongings. Follow the path and keep walking, there is the commercial property (main house) where has rooms and rooms of magnificent treasures from the very beginning to today. I found one thing really amazing is that there are few rooms with paintings all over the wall, one room dedicated to different variety of cows and another one with horses. Their ancestors must had been so proud of their farm animals so they had them painted. And of course, there are so many rooms and halls decorated with portraits of the family members as well.

If I were born and raised in that house, for sure I would enjoy the quietness and beautiful scenery, but it must be so hard to meet up with anyone in the house without arrangement, and probably I would be so lost inside and die without anyone noticed.

The tour inside the main house was about 1.5 hours, so we continue on the path towards the garden area. Amazing old trees everywhere, tall and strong, almost each of them were planted by family members (there are sign under the trees labelled with names). Past the garden, we entered a pond with a tiny island in the center but not access to the island, we know where we were. The little island filled with trees and shrubs, but there is this spot where has little coverage stands a white goblet, I’m quite sure that must be the ashes burial. In the other side of the entrance behind the island, we saw a shadow cutout of Diana mounted on s small memorial, flowers and candles were placed, people were taking pictures, saying their prayers. We sat down on the bench and rest.

On our way out, of course I bought a few souvenirs and luckily got to meet Diana’s brother and autographed the book I bought there.

A place I always want to visit, and I finally visited.



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